Still no internet

Still no internet access, so I’ll keep it short, and give a full update tomorrow. Day 3, yesterday and today are ready to go up, but I have no way to transfer my draft to this machine, and I don’t feel like sitting in the hotel lobby for 2 hours.

At least this machine is free to use, and the keyboard doesn’t shift into Japanese every time I hit something like the shift key.

To summarize, we spent last night in Kyoto, and spent most of the day today seeing a castle and various temples. Lots of running around town on public transportation and walking. We were hoping to spend a second night there, but couldn’t find a room within a reasonable price range and our hotel from last night was booked solid. Since we couldn’t find a room, we decided to head to Nara (about an hour by train), where there are a couple of things we want to see, like the largest indoor Buddha, and deer that apparently get pissed of and harass you if you don’t feed them.

Then tomorrow after we get that done, it’s back to Kyoto, finish up what we wanted to do there, back to Tokyo(about another 2 hours by train), hopefully in time to hit Harajuku again.

Overall, it’ been a ROUGH week of traveling, but all of next week we’ll be back in Tokyo.

2 am here now, time to hit the sack.


~ by chriggy on June 21, 2008.

One Response to “Still no internet”

  1. I bet you wish there were teleporters!

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