Ass biting deer and lots of stairs

Our goal for today was to see the deer in Nara, and the Naibutsu-den Hall, which is the largest wooden building in the world, and contains the largest indoor Buddha. Then back to Kyoto to see the Fushimi-Inari Taisha which has miles long tunnels of torii, off to another shrine, then back to Tokyo.

I’ll keep this brief, since both the deer and the Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine deserve separate entries, which I’ll follow up on. The deer in Nara are evil. Yet cute and friendly. They roam the streets. They let you pet them. And they WILL bite your ass if you don’t feed them and they think you have food! They put Assateauge ponies to shame. I thought we’d actually have to go to the nature preserve to see them. Nope! On our way to see the Buddha, there they were. In the middle of the street. Everywhere!

Deer biting Shannon's Ass

Attacked by deer

The Buddha was pretty cool. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but it’s HUGE! The building is HUGE! Around one of the back, there’s a pillar that has a hole in it. It’s supposed to be the size of the Buddah’s nostril,

and if you can get through it you have the chance to achieve enlightenment. I just wanted to see if I could do it. I made it 🙂 I needed some help though.

Seeking Enlightenment

Then we had to get back to our hotel, pick up our stuff, and head to the train station to get back to Kyoto. We only managed to get one out of 2 goals done, which was the Fushimi-Inari Taisha. As you’ll notice, I keep (or will be) bringing up this repeating concept of stairs. We’ve been climbing up and down stairs all week. At the beginning of the week

I was complaining and suffering about climbing a flight of stairs containing 130 steps. Well, this would be the culmination of my stair climbing regimen. I didn’t count on the way up, but on this hike I counted about 1200 on the way down. We basically climbed a mountain. It was rough. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into.

That left no more time to see our last goal, so back to Tokyo, and since our JR pass has expired, no more traveling. Actually, each thing we did today deserves a separate entry and will be revisited.


~ by chriggy on June 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Ass biting deer and lots of stairs”

  1. Climbing through a nostril hole is not on my todo list! haha

    Those deer — i have to wonder if they are the way they are due to the Japanese being very polite? I think in America we’d chase them away, yell at them, and maybe shoot them…. Even the Assateague ponies can be scared away to some extent…

  2. They are a protected species and a national treasure. While in the US that would mean “do NOT feed and and touch the animals” apparently in Japan it’s “keep the deer happy”. However, you shouldn’t feed them just anything. They sell special deer biscuits for you to feed them.

  3. Maybe the “do not feed the animals” signs in america need to have an addendum that says “or they’ll turn out like this!”, and displays a video of the deer biting people’s asses.

    I bet people would listen to the signs more, then 🙂

  4. I have video of the deer chasing Shannon 🙂

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