Day 12 – Back in Tokyo

Today was actually a rather slow day, compared to last week. This is the first time I actually got to sleep in.

We woke up, and went to Asakusa, where they have a whole bunch of vendors selling trinkets for cheap. While there, we hit up the Senso-ji shrine in the area. Not much to see except for the giant lantern hanging at the entrance. It’s tiny in comparison to some of the other shrines we’ve seen, but it’s right by the metro station.


After that we walked around trying to find a bite to eat. While walking we passed by a little food stall, and the people sitting outside beckoned us to come sit with them. Now this was quite the experience! We spoke no Japanese, they spoke absolutely no English. Communication was definitely a problem. A dish of food, which appeared to be pickled vegetables was put down in front of us. Not wanting to be rude, I had no choice but to eat it. I recognized one of the things on there as mushroom, and for the first time in my life I actually voluntarily ate a mushroom. It was actually quite good! Tasted like beef. Juicy beef. Unlike any mushroom I’ve ever been forced to eat in my life before.

IMG_2631 IMG_2632

We tried communicating, but it wasn’t really happening. When we were thinking of leaving, they asked if we wanted another drink, and we attempted to say no, but one of the guys got us one anyway, on him. Turns out the first round was on him too. And so were the snacks. “Presento”. If you go to Japan and hear that term, I guess it means “It’s on me.” Present.

Then off to the Sony building to check out all the cool stuff and virtual reality games. Our guide book lied to us. I can’t trust the Lonely Planet anymore. They said to get off at the sixth floor, and there it would be. Nope! All the video game stuff had moved to another building, Playstation square. Back on the metro to go there. Hmm, VR? NO! About six PS3’s and maybe 8 PSP’s. That’s all there was! I call BS on this one. Big disappointment.

Then off to the Ginza district to meet  up with a couple of the AuPairs Shannon counseled when they were in the States. We went to dinner, and then went to go see “love hotel hill”. According to the description in the book, it’s an area full of love hotels(you pay by the hour), and they were supposed to be all different, like castles and such. No, it was pretty lame. Our book lied to us once again. You want to see cool hotels, go to Vegas instead.


However, at dinner Shannon’s ex-AuPair mentioned that we should go to the Ghibli museum, which is all about anime. This was originally on our list of things to do, but supposedly you had to book months in advance to get in. Turn’s out you can go to any convenience store and book them from a vending machine. She helped us get our tickets, and we’re going Wednesday. 🙂 Lonely Planet: Strike three!

Then, back to the hotel to deal with more Internet frustrations.


~ by chriggy on June 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Day 12 – Back in Tokyo”

  1. I never ate a mushroom until age 30-ish, but the right portabello mushroom cooked the right way in a sandwich can be quite meat-tasting and tasty. Plus, you can eat more of it before getting full, and it’s not as bad for you.

    That’s weird about random people feeding you tho. Just.. really weird. Did they take pictures?

    Anime museum would be teh awesome!

  2. These guys were locals, and the one guy lived right next door. This was was also in a little side street. My guess is they hang out at the same place every day, and just wanted a little excitement by hanging out with some foreigners.

  3. “If I hang out with these Americans… Everyone will think I’m cool!”

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