Day 15 – Edo-Tokyo Museum

Yesterday was also a pretty slow day. We up to go see the Edo-Tokyo museum, which is basically a history museum about Tokyo. It focuses on the lives of the inhabitants of the town of Edo, which would later become Tokyo, beginning in roughly the 1500’s into modernization. Most of the exhibits consist of intricate miniature models, with a few full size models thrown in. Overall, an interesting museum. If you only have a short time in Tokyo, I wouldn’t rank it as a must see, but if you have the time, definitely worth checking out.

After that, it was off to see the International Forum Building, which I guess it’s Tokyo’s equivalent of D.C’s Kennedy Center, or Sydney’s opera house. The main reason to see it is for it’s architecture. I has a glass atrium that’s about 250 feet high, with an ultra modern design. We got off a Tokyo station, which is supposed to be a sight in itself, but it’s facade is currently under reconstruction, so most good views were blocked off by a wall around the construction site. We had only seen what the Forum building looked like from the inside in a picture, and we saw a building that looked like it might be it. We went inside and were not impressed. Turns out it was a mall. Doh! There was however a little exhibit about JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency), basically their equivalent of NASA, so that was cool. Anyways we did eventually find the building we were looking for and it was pretty impressive.

After that we just hit Harajuku on our way home to do a little shopping, but we didn’t find much. There were little crepe stand everywhere, and the smell finally got to me and I had to get one.


~ by chriggy on June 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Day 15 – Edo-Tokyo Museum”

  1. I think I’ve still only ever had a crepe at your house???

  2. Good post.

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