Day 3: Tokyo – 6/14/08

We got woken up by an earthquake! I was happily asleep when Shannon woke me up, saying “Earthquake! The building is moving. Do you feel that?” It was definitely moving. Not much, but enough to make the bathroom door swing back and forth. It lasted about 30 seconds. Shannon was concerned with getting her clothes on, but after about 5 seconds and it not getting worse, I was more concerned with getting back to sleep. Oh yeah, we are on the tenth floor. It turns out this was actually a major quake, registering 7.0 on the Richter scale, but the epicenter was way in the northern part of Japan.

45 - Shannon and Yumiko - 20080614We went to Yokohama to meet up with Shannon’s friend from high school, Yumiko. She’s the reason we picked this year to go to since she’ll be leaving after the Summer, and we decided it would be better to go visit before then.

After meeting up and getting out of the train station, we encountered a group of street performers and sat around awhile to watch the show, which was actually pretty good.

12 - Yokohama - Alley Katz - 20080614 16 - Yokohama - Alley Katz - 20080614

Yumiko doesn’t actually live in Yokohama, so she asked the clerk at the hotel where we met what there is to do in town. It turns out that the tallest building in Japan, Landmark Tower, was just two metro stops away, so we went to see that. It also has the fastest elevator in the world, getting you to the 69th floor in about 45 seconds while reaching a top speed of 750m/min (about 25 miles per hour).

10 - Yokohama - Landmark Tower - 20080614 36 - Yokohama - Landmark Tower - 20080614

44 - The meal that almost did me in! - 20080614Then, off we went to eat at a noodle joint in the mall, and I ordered what looked like a simple noodle dish. Yokohama style noodles. The menu described it as salty noodles. In the picture it had something that looked like fish on it, so I got that. I took a bite, and had to promptly fight my gag reflex to keep from vomiting all over the table. Turns out, it wasn’t fish. It was bacon. But not bacon the way we know it. It was pretty much just the fatty part but even the meat was white. Boiled pork belly? Absolutely disgusting!! I’m NEVER touching THAT stuff again, and I LIKE bacon! I’ll stick to bacon strips from now on.

Yumiko had to go home, because her kids were getting tired, but there was a mini amusement park called Cosmo World right across the street. While there were some regular rides, there were also some quite unique rides. 500 Yen (about $5) to freeze your a ass off. No thanks, I’ve been to Vermont. Been there, done that. A roller coaster that you have to pedal? I’ll pass on that, thank you very much.

50 - Yokohama - Cosmo World - 20080614 51 - Pedal your own coaster - 20080614

There were a couple of noteworthy attractions though. One of them was one of the world’s largest ferris wheels. It was absolutely huge. In the picture, to give a sense of scale, the building on the left is actually the same distance away from us as the ferris wheel. Not an optical illusion. It looked like it took at least 2 minutes to make one revolution.

55 - Yokohama - Cosmo World - Giant Ferris Wheel - 20080614 46 - Yokohama - Cosmo World - 20080614

The one attraction we went in to was the mirror maze. This was awesome! You had to go through and find certain stations corresponding to your astrological sign. It was dark, and the walls were all at 120-degree angles to each other, as opposed to 90. This basically meant that the way things were reflected you would see a station in front of you, but it was really just a reflection. One of the few mazes I have actually felt lost and disoriented in. And then at the end, they had this kaleidoscope wall. It’s hard to describe, but the way the mirrors were set up, you walked to a railing, and then no matter which direction you looked, it looked like everything was going off into infinity. Up, down, left, right. It was like you were standing at the edge of a cliff, with this infinity kaleidoscope 2 feet in front of you. Unfortunately photography was not allowed, so no pictures of this exist.

After hanging around till dark to take some pictures of everything all lit up, it was time to head back to our hotel in Tokyo.

65 - Yokohama - Cosmo World - 20080614
70 - Yokohama at night - 20080614 73 - Yokohama - Cosmo World - 20080614


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  2. That hall of mirrors sounds way cooler than japanese bacon!! haha

  3. Stay far, far, away from japanese bacon!

  4. Hopefully I am at least a few thousand miles away!

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