Rant: YouTube

I’m really becoming kind of unhappy with YouTube lately. Upon rewatching, any video posted looks like it’s compressed too much. It looks great on my computer, but looks like shit on YouTube. Older videos posted look fine. I think they changed something.


~ by chriggy on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rant: YouTube”

  1. I think it all looks like ass. FLV totally blows. At least FlickR video isn’t quite as bad quality, but the 90 second limit can be a bitch. You might try uploading your noncompressed videos so they don’t get compressed twice. That would be a big pain though. They DID recently change their audio encoding such that some people are adding a 16kHz sine wave to the sound to make YouTube think it’s at a constant volume, so as not to dynamically normalize.. Read about it in TechCrunch…

  2. Flickr video does seem to have better quality nowadays. What bothers me is that videos uploaded a month ago look fine. Video uploaded in the past few days does not.

    Actually, no. Strike that. Now my old videos look like shit too. Damn you, YouTube! You screwed things up.

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