Assateague 2008 (Part 1)

Every Summer we go to Assateague Island sometime around my birthday to go camping on the beach with a bunch of friends. It usually falls on a Thursday through Sunday, but due to availability, this year it was Saturday through Tuesday.

Saturday: 8/2/08

Our original plan was to leave the house around 10:30. Yeah, well, that didn’t quite work out as planned. It never does. We finally wound up getting on the road around 11:30 ish. Luckily, for once there was no traffic on the Wilson Bridge. Bay Bridge traffic was actually pretty light this year also. Then we got across. The usual backups wherever there’s a traffic light on 50. They seriously need to consider getting rid of some of these intersections and putting in some overpasses and ramps. It’s a known problem. Fix it!

When we finally got near Assateague, we had to make our usual stops. Wal-Mart for camping supplies and food, liquor store for beer and ice, and Food Lion for more food. Next year, I think we’ll try to skip the Wal-Mart stop. We were also pretty hungry, and wanted to get a sub at the Subway inside Wal-Mart. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT under ANY circumstances think of eating there. We were standing in line, when suddenly Shannon said: “Let’s get out of here!”. At first I didn’t know what was going on, until she pointed out the flies on the food. They were everywhere. On the bologna, on the cold cuts, on the tuna salad. Ughh! Gross! Now I expect flies on the beach, but I hold an indoor Subway to a slightly higher standard, even if it’s in a WalMart. Especially when the Subway is right next to the bathroom, and we all know what flies like to hang out on. Food poisoning lawsuit waiting to happen.

We wound up getting a sandwich from the Food Lion deli instead. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. And at least there were no flies. On our way to the campsite, we didn’t see nearly as many deer or ponies as in previous years.

06 - Assateague - Shamu Kite - 20080802We finally got to the campsite around 5:30, and a few people had already arrived. We hung out for a while, and watched Jay and Ian try to launch the Shamu kite, which they were eventually successful at. Everyone else trickled in a little later. Eventually we got motivated and got our tent set up. Darren and Debbie were amongst the last to arrive around 7:30. We had05 - Assateague - Ian and Jay launch Shamu - 20080802 had a bug free day up until that point, but I swear they followed Darren and Debbie from the parking lot, and were led directly to our campsite. Within a minute of their arrival, the mosquitoes went into attack mode and just swarmed us. They were BAD this year. Mean, angry, aggressive, hungry, and apparently impervious to DEET.

At some point someone started a bonfire by the beach, and we hung out there for awhile to get a respite from the mosquitoes. And Angel and Susan were singing the best of Maddona. A couple of people from the neighboring bonfire also hung out for a little bit. Unfortunately the bonfire was cut short as we felt some raindrops, and it looked like it was going to rain any minute. The rain never did come though.

Sunday: 8/3/08

… to be continued …

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~ by chriggy on August 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Assateague 2008 (Part 1)”

  1. Oh I’m sorry I missed the Madonna singing 🙂 That must have been when I was passed out in the sand 🙂

  2. I think you may very well have been passed out in the sand.

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  4. Hey, just on a random tag trawl through WordPress and I came upon your post. Glad you had a good time – I went there last weekend with a bunch of new friends to camp out for a few days, drink beer, play football on the sand and eat piles of barbecued food! The ponies were out in full force, as were the mosquitoes – pretty sure I’ve never lost so much blood!

    Will hopefully go back next year – maybe we could catch up?


  5. I was wondering if anyone …knew of someone who might need to cxl there camping trip to assateaugue island. we want to go either the week of the 18 of sept or 28th of sept for three nites….let me know….

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