Attack of the Tomato Killers

Ok, so Shannon decided to grow some tomatoes this summer. Cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes. Both were doing pretty well, until the Roma tomatoes started to ripen up. Then they started disapearing. Not so much disappearing, as winding up on the ground with just one bite taken out them. I think poor Shannon managed to actually pick 1 Roma tomato before the critters got to them. Just when they were ready to pick, chomp!

At first we assumed it was squirrels, but I think we finally got our answer.

The other night, we were sitting around watching TV when the motion sensitive floodlight in our back yard came on. I took a look expecting to see maybe a fox or a raccoon. But no, this thing was huge. It was none other than a deer! In our back yard!

I tried to grab the camera to take some pictures, but the deer got spooked and disappeared before I could take a shot. A few nights later, after Shannon had gone to bed, I was up watching TV, when the same thing happened. The floodlight went on, and lo and behold, there was the deer again. Once again, I grabbed the camera but was unable to get a shot. This time, at least I did manage to see her jumping into our neighbors yard. Right next to where the tomatoes are planted!

Sooo, a couple of days ago, we’re sitting around and the floodlight comes on again. However, this was during the evening, so there was still some daylight out. Yup, the deer again! But this time she had her fawn with her. And this time we got pictures! I still haven’t actually seen them try to eat a tomato(there’s really none left), but to quote Nancy Grace: “They’re guilty! I can see it in their eyes!”

Deer in our yard - 20080912

Doe and fawn exploring our yard

Deer in our yard - 20080912-1

Fawn explorng our yard

Deer in our yard - 20080912-2

So THAT'S how they get over the fence

Deer in our yard - 20080912-3

Baby Follows

Deer in our yard - 20080912-5

Grazing in our Neighbor's Yard

Headless Deer - 20080912-4

Did I mention we also have headless deer?

Deer in our yard - 20080912-6

Guilty! I can see it in the eyes!


~ by chriggy on September 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Attack of the Tomato Killers”

  1. We got deer in our backyard too.

  2. Nancy Grace.. haha…

    We keep seeing deer in our backyard too!

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