Vladi’s New Pet

Vlad has become quite the little hunter lately. Earlier this year, when we had a few mice, he paid his rent and caught one. On Saturday, he caught himself a nice little praying mantis. I didn’t see it myself, but according to Shannon, it was beyond saving. As in eaten. Swallowed. Nothing but a head left sticking out of the cat’s mouth.

So yesterday, we’re sitting around watching the the Skins giving the Eagles a nice little ass kicking, when Vlad comes inside the house meowing his little lungs out. Hmm, he’s got something in his mouth. Yup, it’s a chipmunk! Now this cat can hunt! He’s done most of his hunting this year. Did I mention he’s 16 years old? And deaf?

Vlad catches a chimpunk - 20081005

Vladi shows off his prey

So after making sure we see the chipmunk, he runs down to the basement, most likely to show Sammy his catch, then takes it back upstairs. This whole time I’m thinking poor little chipmunk. He’s toast, but that’s nature for you. Nope! Since Vladi wasn’t quite done playing with his prey, he releases it. Inside the house! In our living room

This chipmunk was nowhere near dead, and promptly runs away and escapes behind the entertainment center. Great, now we have a chipmunk loose in the house. Hilarity ensues. I’m already starting to imagine the dead chipmunk behind entertainment center smell. It’s a rats nest of wires back there and impossible for me to get too. This is going to be lovely.

A few hours later, we hear this rustling sound by the fireplace. There he is. A very scared, but otherwise unharmed chipmunk. Not even a puncture wound. I think Vlad wanted himself a pet.

Chippy! - 20081005

A very scared, but otherwise unharmed Chippy!

Now I’m determined to catch this chipmunk and throw him outside, so I get all gloved up. I don’t want to get bitten by a rodent after all. More hilarity ensues.

Chipmunk:1, Me:0.

He’s back behind the entertainment center again. At this point I’m thinking maybe if we befriend him, he’ll eventually let us catch him, so we put out some bird seed for him(apparently chipmunks will eat just about anything). We didn’t want him to starve to death somewhere in the house. Of course, having had his whole life flash in front of his eyes just a few hours earlier, he was having none of that.

Eventually, we did grab a poker and flush him out from behind there, and sort of chased him towards the open door. I think he got out. I lost sight of him under the bar, but did see something streaking out the door out of the corner of my eye. I think Chippy’s going to be OK!

Video of the encounter:


~ by chriggy on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Vladi’s New Pet”

  1. haha… Where’s my chippy????

  2. Ha! Ha! This totally reminds me of my cat Doobie. He would catch birds, and then let them go inside my house to chase around and play with. Some days I would come home from work to find feathers and blood all over the floor. I decided not to reinstall the cat door when I replaced the doors.

  3. I’m pretty sure if he hadn’t gotten away, we would probably be finding a severed head somewhere.

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