Weird Dreams: Va Tech, and the apocalypse?

Ok, I’ve actually been remembering alot of my dreams lately, and my dreams are usually weird and bizzarre. But this morning I had an especially bizzare dream, even for me. I’ll try to describe it as best I can, but some of the details are a little fuzzy. And I may ramble on a little. But lets just say involves zombies, mind control, VA Tech, and what may the the apocalypse and armageddon. Oh, and there  may be some time travel in there too, and terminator style robots.

I was going to Va Tech, and the campus was nothing like we know it, but still, it was VA Tech. And in the Library there was a plaque saying something about a memorial to the biggest explosion ever to happen on the face of this planet. There was a date on there too, but I can’t remember it, just that it was recent in the timeline of the dream(why did this place even exist if there had been such a huge explosion?)

So anyways, I was living with Shannon in the dorms(we were dating, but not married), and shared a room. Even though it was a segregated dorm, no females allowed in males rooms and vice versa. But for some reason we were allowed to. Anyways, at some point a friend/distant relative(?) of hers shows up and says he needs to crash there, but doesn’t want to stay in our room to not disturb us. This becomes relevant later on.

At some point we’re trying to find a computer to use, and are having trouble deciding whether to go to the bar(which only has one computer), or one of two internet cafes(I guess there were no computer labs on campus?) After that, we head back to the dorms, and Shannon tells me she has to go to some event the next day where she was volunteering , so we won’t be able to hang out. I get bored, so I go to the event and find out she wasn’t there. WTF? She lied to me. But next to the event, there was this big tent. Not huge, but long. Like a normal A-frame tent, tall enough to stand up in. The width was normal, but it was at least a few hundred feet long. So I go inside, and the inside has partitions, so that each “room”, is basically normal tent sized. I walk in there and find her hanging out with her friend/relative. I think nothing of this, since at one point it had been revealed that he was not actually a person, but a cyborg/robot that looks human. But after talking to them I realized she’s actually having an affair with him(actually, she was in love with him), and call them out on it, and they start mocking me, so I walk off all pissed off and talk to some jocks/frat boys outside the tent, and come to the conclusion that I have to punch this guy out(which I rationalize to myself is OK, since he’s just a robot). I walk back in and pull him up and punch him in the face, which does nothing, with him being a robot and all, and I’m like oh crap. But luckily, there’s conveniently an electrical wire running through the tent, and I manage to throw him through the air, and as he makes contact with the wire, his circuitry is fried.

Then I head back to the dorms and do some drugs(I don’t know what they were), but they do nothing to me. Bring on the Zombies. The campus is being overrun by zombies, and a swat team is sent to protect us. Apprently the only way to disable them is to taser them in the head(but it was more like a radiation taser), and SWAT is doing a pretty good job at that. Eventually, they get overrun though, and the zombies are now in the dorm. They’re all carrying some sort of heavy item like a cinder block, and swinging their arms, which is pretty intimidating. But someone(surviving SWAT member?) points out that no, this is just they’re way of “jumping”, and it makes them happy. Ok, don’t fuck with the “happy” zombies. As long as the few of us non-zombies don’t mess with them, they’ll leave us alone. And they do. They’re actually pretty oblivious to us. Much like the borg, when not threatened. Well, turns out they’re not really zombies, but this is some sort of mind control experiment and things have gone a little wrong. I don’t know why I and a few others were immune(maybe the drugs?), but swat guy tells us we still better not try to attract their attention and best fit in. Ok, no problem, act like zombies.

Think this is weird yet? It gets better.

At some point we wind up back in the library, and there’s several exits. But every time someone tries to go some of them(and it differs), alarms go of and some scientist guy comes and retrieves some of the “zombies”, but only select ones. Must get out of this building. Pretend to be zombie so the crazy scientists don’t catch on I’m not under their mind control. As I’m zombying around, I see shannon again, and show motions with her head to left. But for some reason I go right. I get near the exit, and the alarm sounds. I’ve been flagged, and before I know it the lead scientist catches me, and tells me to come with him. But he doesn’t actually want to harm me and sort of explains what is going on. He said that this was the wrong exit, and even if I were under mind control, I was flagged as one the people who was slated to go to the “special” exit. For those who would be “saved”, whatever that means. He’ll help me get there, but I have to follow him. He takes me back to the “control room”, I guess, and his superiors tell him it’s time to do his job and “deactivate his brain”. At which point he pretty much becomes zombified, I guess he was under mind control too. He oes over to this table, flicks a swith underneath, and then lays down on it. As soon as he lays down, his head is being zapped with electricity. And the voltage keeps going up. Once it hits about 800 Volts, I thing to myself, this is NOT good and start running, because I know his head is about to explode. In a BIG way. I only make it about half way to the exit before it does(pretty much destroying the whole building). But I’m not killed in the explosion, instead, it just blasted me into space, and I was peacefully floating above the earth, enjowing the view of our planet. And there were others around around me. And I knew that we would all fall back to Earth, and not be harmedby the fall.  And at that time, a song was playing and it was almost like the closing credits of a movie. And the last thought that went through my head before I woke up was:

“Oh right, that’s why I wanted to watch this in IMAX!”

Almost done. The song really freaked me out. The lyrics and melody I remember were “Take me away”. I had to research it on the internet, and it turns out it Pocketfull of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. This is something I would never listen to, but have probably heard. I did not know the lyrics to the song, but in the context of the ending of my dream, some of them could not be more applicable. The brief excerpt:

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A hiding place.


The sun is on my side.
Takes me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I’ll be all right.

This is playing as I’m floating in space after Armageddon?

And it gets better. The video, which I have NEVER, EVER seen in my life before features a whole bunch of skydivers peacefully floating to earth. Awful video, but I still have to post it anyways.


~ by chriggy on April 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Weird Dreams: Va Tech, and the apocalypse?”

  1. wow. That’s a crazy dream all right.

    “some scientist guy comes and retrieves some of the “zombies”, but only select ones” – This made me think of the E.T. video game. Hehehe.

  2. Yeah, I’m used to weird dreams, but this one took the cake. Especially as far as me remembering the details. And the ending.

  3. …………… wow. That’s frickin’ weird! And very detailed.

  4. I don’t usually remember this much detail past a few minutes, but since I did, I figured I’d better get it written down.

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