Rant: LiveNation – Excessive fees and false advertisement

Ok, things are definitely getting out of control in the music industry. I wanted to go see Depeche Mode this Summer. They’re playing at Nissan Pavilion this July. So,  LiveNation advertises for lawn seats for $20.50 for a 4 pack. Sounds like a good deal, right? Plus Wednesday is no service charge Day. Sounds even better, right? My ass!! Of course the no service charge thing doesn’t apply to 4 packs, so it’s $20.25 for the tickets, plus $9 service charge, PLUS $4 per ticket parking. Shouldn’t parking be per vehicle, not per ticket?!!? So that’s a $13 surcharge on a $20.25 ticket. Rounded up, that’s a 64% markup on the ticket. Fuck that!!!  Now back to the no service charge tickets. THOSE are $29.50 for lawn seats. Hmm, seems like they just rolled the no service charge into the ticket price. PLUS $6, not $4/ticket parking fee. Once again, FUCK THAT!!! They WILL NOT be getting my money. While I would love seeing Depeche live again, I will not be giving my money to the douchebags calling themselves LiveNation. They are worse than TicketMaster.


~ by chriggy on June 4, 2009.

15 Responses to “Rant: LiveNation – Excessive fees and false advertisement”

  1. Of course, every epic band (tho I can’t personally stand DM) will pretty much sell out with or without your participation. Sometimes voting with your wallet is meaningless. See also: The fact that most boycotts don’t accomplish anything.

  2. Which is fine. But at least I can live with myself by knowing I’m following my ideals and not personally contributing to the sham. If others wish to do so, they are more than welcome to throw their money down the drain.

  3. Except if they think it’s worth the money they spend, it’s not throwing it down the drain. I’m paying over $90 to see Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction. Regardless of how that money is wasted, in no way am I interpreting it as going down the drain, because I knew how much it cost and what I would be getting for that money from the get-go.

    You may be interested in knowing some bands — I think Pearl Jam — tried to boycott the the “ticketopoly”, and actually found out they basically couldn’t accomplish a tour without them. So they had to run back. The boycott didn’t even work at a band-level!

    This is why pure free markets don’t work… You need the govt to step in and prevent antitrust. Otherwise power consolidates like fiefdoms.

    Cause I frickin’ HATE the ticketopoly!

    • There’s currently a class action suit going on in Canada under anti-scalping laws. I’m also quite aware of the Pearl Band issue. That was 10 years ago, when bands may have needed TicketMaster to promote their venues. In this day an age, there’s no reason a venue should not be able to sell their own tickets without an intermediary. Ticketmaster is a dinosaur, much like the RIAA. And we all know what happened to the dinosaurs. Bruce Springsteen is also quite pissed at TicketMaster BTW, and this was recent.

      Personally, I would NEVER pay $90 to see a band unless it was part of a music festival that also included other bands that I really wanted to see.

  4. Comments on Facebook about this:

    • Val:
      “I am just as frustruated as you. I love that they, and Ticketmaster, charge parking per ticket. If only everybody did show up in separate vehicles maybe that charge would go away. I tried to get tickets for a show this summer and somehow within seconds they were sold out…only to be sold at Tickets Now ( a ticketmaster owned company) for “market value” instead of face value. What a scam! I remember paying $15 for shows – good shows at good venues. What the hell happened?”

    • Greg:
      “Blame Pearl Jam. Remember they were going to fight Ticketmaster in the early 90s? Even made an appearance before Congress and everything. And just went the ball started rolling, they…. admitted defeat, declared that Ticketmaster is too big to beat, and gave up.

      Thus, 15 years later, astronomical service charges on concert tickets. The funny thing is, I think at the time Pearl Jam did all that, the service charge per ticket was something like $2 or $3.”

    • Lauren:
      “didnt livenation and ticketmaster just merge?”

    • Chriggy:
      “I think they did just merge. Now I don’t mind a reasonable service charge, but 54%?”

    • Ian:
      “So…we’re blaming the only high profile people who were willing to get off their asses and do ANYTHING, rather than all the people who sat back and watched (while continuing to book TicketMaster shows and purchase TicketMaster tickets)?

      The only way to beat TicketMaster would have been to hit them where it hurts, and take money out of their … Read Morebottom line; Pearl Jam proposed and toured on a new model that did just that, by leaving TicketMaster out of the equation, but no one else signed on for fear of pissing off the giant that is TicketMaster. Everyone else being chickenshit is Pearl Jam’s fault?”

    • Lauren:
      “someone has to pay for the CEO’s yachts and private jets.”

    • Greg:
      “@Ian: In short, yes. And my logic is infallible and stuff. 🙂

      Seriously though, had that effort continued we might not be paying the extortion ticket rates we’re paying today, is all I’m saying. I remember them publicly admitting defeat and giving up, didn’t know the other details about it.”

    • Ian:
      “I think there’s an antitrust investigation pending on that merger.

      @Greg- the only way for that effort to continue was for others to begin conducting business the same way: refusing to play venues that only sold tickets through TicketMaster. PJ got essentially no support in that effort, and in that climate, I’d have probably also thrown up my … Read Morehands and said, “Fine, fuck it if no one else wants to step up.” No one band was ever going to beat TM, but I give them credit for trying to get the ball rolling. The fact that no one else was willing to turn it into a snowball rolling downhill isn’t on them as far as I’m concerned.”

    • Chriggy:
      “Ticketmaster/LiveNation is also being sued in Canada under anti-scalping laws.

      Many are to blame for this. The Ticket sellers, the venues, the bands and the fans. The Ticket sellers add the service fee. The parking/facility fees go to the venue. Maybe 10 years ago, the venues needed TicketMaster, but in this day and age, there’s absolutely no … Read Morereason a venue should not be able to manage it’s own ticket sales over the internet. The bands(or their promoters) choose the venues, but ultimately, that’s still on the band’s head. I can go see some perfectly good shows at WolfTrap. Granted, there’s still a service fee, but it’s less. And lastly, the fans are to blame for actually paying these exorbitant fees.”

  5. UPDATE: My wife’s cousin has filed a class action lawsuit in NJ. I may just get tickets for the Depeche Mode concert and do the same in VA.


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