links for 2009-06-11


~ by chriggy on June 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “links for 2009-06-11”

  1. What did I even say about science? You still think photons last forever?

  2. Photons last until their energy is absorbed by something. Some photons persist for millions, billions or even trillions of years, or we would not be able to see the outer edges of the universe.

    Other photon may only persist for minutes. Reflected sunlight would be an example of that. It takes about 8 minutes for those photons to travel to earth. Then they reflect off of something, and the energy gets absorbed by our retinas.

    It’s still light pollution, and I don’t care about the semantics.

  3. We should tell that big ol’ sun to stop polluting the universe. Clean up your mess, sun! Once all the stars are extinguished, and the universe is completely dark — only then will it be pollution free!

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