A Eulogy for Vlad

As you may or may not know, Vladimir recently passed away. I actually meant to post this here a while ago, but somehow didn’t get around to it, so here goes:

You turned a dog person into a cat person (Shannon). Friends have commented that you & your brother are the only cats they like. You had a great demeanor. You were very sweet & affectionate.

It was sweet how you would snuggle with “strangers” that passed out on your couch. They always remembered waking up with a kitty. You just loved to sleep in general. You slept so deeply we were able to put stuff on you for our own amusement to take photos & laugh. You never cared, just wanted to sleep.

You always introduced yourself to people with a jump on their laps or on the arm of the couch looking for some cuddling.

You had only ONE bad habit. You loved to pee on soft things, mainly beds and couches, and even Shannon (Twice!) You forced us to buy couch covers and keep bedrooms closed. Bad kitty!

It was amusing to watch you play and taunt your canine friends who would stop by for a visit. Using your tail to swat them in their face and getting them excited, yet far out of reach for them to play with you.

You loved it when we pet your body hard and patted you on the head equally hard. I always loved how when I rubbed you right over your nose you would yawn. You would even beg for petting by giving us your head-butt.

We loved your snuggling during the winter months keeping me warm even though we knew you just wanted to stay warm yourself. You’d put your cold nose right into the crick of our arms.

You were also very good when we had to give you a bath. Mostly because you knew you needed it. Like the time when you fell into the vat of stored deep fryer oil and couldn’t stomach licking it all off, or even for your flea bath. You didn’t claw at all.

You were so good about letting us put on your collar. You would walk around so proudly afterwards as if you won a medal.

We loved your little squeaks you made. Then as you aged you were trying to listen to yourself until you realized that was futile. You were quickly able to read our hand signals and facial expressions instead.

You were even happy even though you lost your hair during the flea attack.

At age 16 you found yourself a new friend by capturing a chipmunk in the backyard and bringing him inside. You gave us a good scare and laugh.

You were a great hunter and earned your treats by capturing a mouse and other insects you enjoyed eating.

You fought hard this past year, enduring all the medicine given to you. You knew what time to get up and come & take it. You always acted like everything was just fine.

Thanks sweet Vladi, for these many years of unconditional love. We love you very much. Rest in peace. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Goodbye, and enjoy chasing all the mice wherever you are.

Vladi - 20080512-1

1992 - 2009


~ by chriggy on October 19, 2009.

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