Hmm, so is it MRSA or not?

Ok, so a few weeks ago I got this tiny bump on my cheek. Seemed like just a deep pimple or cyst at the time. Over the last week, it had definitely gotten bigger(and seems to continue doing so) to the point where it’s actually a pretty decent size lump, though it’s not painful.

So last night, I finally caved and went to the walk in clinic to get it looked at.  The first doctor had absolutely no clue what it was, so he brough a second doctor in to consult. They both agreed it was most likely not an infection, but couldn’t agree on what it could be. The second doctor thought possible salivary gland stone, the first one disagreed and didn’t think so. So, Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee’s conclusion was that I should probably see an oral surgeon sometime next week, and to suck on lemons or lemon drops in the meantime, in case it was a salivary gland stone.  Well, that was a total was of 2+ hours of my time, but at least I got some satisfaction in that I got to see 2 doctors for my single co-pay.

So Shannon suggested I have her boss(a dentist) take a look at it after office hours today.  He wasn’t exactly sure wat it was either, but he was sure that it was definitely NOT a salivary gland stone, due to the location. So, that’s a third stumped doctor, but at least this one was free.

So he calls his wife(also a doctor, internal medicine) to get a fourth opinion. She was at home, and they only live a few blocks away, so she suggested we stop by and she would take a look at it. Her conclusion? Definitely NOT a salivary stone. Pretty definitely a secondary infection.  Don’t know what bacterium, but considering Shannon works in a medical building, and the propensity of it around here, possibly MRSA(Methicillin resistant staph).

So, now I get to be on Bactrim for 10 days and see how that goes. That should get rid of it if it’s not MRSA, and works on some MRSA strains. If that doesn’t work, she’ll switch me over to Zyvox, which looks like it has more side effects, and is also insanely expensive. Luckily, it’s covered by my insurance. Without insurance a 30 day treatment would be over $2000, but luckily I’ll only have to plop down a $25 co-pay(as opposed to the $10 for the Bactrim). Almost makes the COBRA payments worthwhile.

So, 4 days, 4 doctors and finally a possible answer. The one thing they all pretty much agreed on though, is that lancing should be the last resort, due to the location. At least I got 4 opinions for the price of 1.


~ by chriggy on November 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hmm, so is it MRSA or not?”

  1. Glad you caught it before it got more dangerous!

  2. Get well soon. Hopefully diagnosing it won’t be as annoying for you as diagnosing silent sinus syndrome was for me.

  3. This is one of those things where I really wasn’t going to go to the doctor but Shannon made me. I have no fever, I have no pain, and I have no discomfort. Though I guess if left untreated, these things can get worse.

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