Travel: Oregon/California – Day 0 – May 24, 2010

I’m going to go ahead and call the first day of our trip Day 0, since we didn’t actually do much that day except for getting to our destination. The main goal of our trip was to visit my brother in-law in Oregon, but we figured since we were in the area, we may as well head south and make a detour to see the California coastal redwoods.

We kind of waited till the last minute to book our trip, because a possible job offering was hanging over my head, and had I gotten the position I would pretty much have been starting 2 days after our return. This made cost and logistics and issue(though not as bad as I thought) since Shannon had already set aside those dates, and we would have to fly out in just over a week.

We basically had 3 airports to choose from, Portland(the cheapest, but the farthest drive, and opposite of the direction we were planning on going). This could have been done with frequent flyer miles, but would have added about 8 hours of round trip driving.  Our original first choice was Eugene, but that was ruled out because USAir doesn’t fly there, so I could have used miles out to Salt Lake, and then paid for the rest. Not worth it. The we looked into Medford. The perfect solution, the most southern airport in Oregon, and still close to our final destination. Still couldn’t use miles though, cause they don’t fly there either. But ouch, the prices!!! Outrageous!!! $700+ per ticket. What to do? Priceline to the rescue. 🙂 Due to slight flexibility in our arrival and departure dates, we got tickets for less than half that(or any other published rate for the same dates). Ok, granted, we’d be flying out of BWI at 5:45 pm, on DELTA, no less, but I guess it’s worth the savings.

The trip was for the most part uneventful. Got to the airport early and hung out at the bar. I was able get my e-cigarettes through security with no problems, and when smoking it at the bar(pardon me, vaping it at the bar), the only question I got from the waitress was if those work pretty well. Yes, they do.

Delta was a little less of a pleasant experience. Not HORRIBLE, but not great either. Really, a 4 hour flight from DC to Salt Lake City(our layover), and you’re not going to offer any in-flight entertainment? No Movie? No music? Really? Oh yeah, and then there was that nice little $25 bag check fee when we got to the airport. There’s TWO of us, traveling cross country. We’re checking ONE bag, TOTAL. Bastards! Also, e-cigarettes are not allowed. I didn’t try, since they explicitly mentioned it in their pre-flight announcement, but this is a company policy(not a law). I’ll respect the right of a company to make it’s own policies. Some airlines allow it, some don’t. Given the choice, I would not have chosen delta, but the priceline savings were more than worth the inconvenience(even with the checked bag fee). On a plus side, the free cookies they offer for a snack are REALLY good.

Anyways, got to Medford on time around 10:30, got our rental car, and drove about 60 miles to get to our hotel fin Cave Junction by roughly midnight.

Day 1>>


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