Travel: Oregon/California – Day 1 – May 25, 2010

Our first full day of our vacation would be a day primarily spent driving, as our plan was to head to the southernmost point of our trip, Garberville, CA, and then start a slow journey back northward the next day.

We had spent the night in Cave Junction, OR in order to get an early start for our first destination, the Oregon Caves National Monument. THAT plan did not work out so well. Our plan was to get to the caves by noon, since they only offer tours on the hour, and it was supposed to be about an hour and half long tour. We left the hotel in plenty of time, and the sign pointing to the caves was right down the street, but upon arriving at the “information center” we were informed that the caves are actually about 20 miles away and it’s about a 45 minute drive. Oops! We managed to high tail it out of there and get to the caves at around 12:02, but luckily the tour was slightly late getting started and we snaked the last two spots available (it’s limited to 15 people), so at least we didn’t have to wait around another hour for the next one.

The caves themselves were actually pretty cool. Much less of a tourist trap than Luray Caverns, and more of a natural cave setting. It was cold, damp and wet, and there were quite a few sections where the ceiling dropped to about 4′, which is a bit of a pain when you’re close to 6′ tall.

53 - Oregon Caves - Paradise Lost - 20100525 47 - Oregon Caves - Columns - 20100525
49 - Oregon Caves - Shark Mouth - 20100525 28 - Oregon Caves - 20100525

After the tour (which actually wound up taking closer to 2 hours, thanks to some kid who wouldn’t shut up and kept asking questions), it was time to get lunch. Oh yeah, the kid would also not stop fucking with light switches. We decided to go to Wild River Brewing and Pizza Company for lunch. We’ve got a mixed verdict on this one. The beer was good. The pizza, not so much. Shannon did enjoy her lunch, while I quite literally lost mine. The pepperoni was a bit funky for my tastes.

Then it was time to begin our 200 mile drive down to Garberville, CA. We didn’t stop much, since our goal for the day was simply to get down to Garberville, and we’d be passing all of this on our way back up north again. Eventually, we finally hit the first of the redwood trees 🙂

75 - Redwoods - 20100525

A little after that we came across a meadow with a bunch of Elk.

77 - Elk - 20100525

Eventually, we stopped for a snack at Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe in Eureka, CA. All I will say is that they have these baked jalapeno cheese filled soft pretzels on the menu that are PURE CRACK!!!! Those things were good! If you ever happen to stop by there, I highly recommend these.

We finally rolled into our hotel around 9:30 that night and tried to get dinner, but that was a FAIL. You’re not going to get dinner in Garberville after 9pm.

Our plan for the next day was to begin our drive back up north, hitting the Avenue of the Giants, and winding up in Orick, CA, about a 109 mile drive with plenty of stops.

Total Day miles driven: 242
Total Day miles hiked: 0.9

Total Trip miles driven: 302
Total Trip miles hiked: 0.9

Full Set of pictures can be found here

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  1. Hhaha I like the shot of you with the redwood! The caves look spectacular as well. I’ll keep an eye out for your future posts.

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