Home Depot ruins Christmas

As you may have guessed, this is a rant. To summarize, apparently if you have an online account at Home Depot they will also use that to track your IN-STORE purchases if you use the same credit card. While I DO expect a follow up e-mail when ordering online, I DO NOT expect nor want my offline purchases to be tracked, in fact I expect them NOT to be. Watch your privacy when shopping at Home Depot. I had to send them this nasty letter. No, I do not expect a response, nor is Christmas really ruined but I do want to get the word out there that Home Depot does not value your privacy. I wonder how many other significant others buying presents for their husbands/wives got screwed by this. Umm, hello, these were Black Friday purchases, you think people might be buying gifts? Morons. FYI, I also posted this to their Facebook page, and it was deleted by them within 5 minutes.

“You should really value your customers’ privacy more when sending out emails to ask for reviews of purchased products. Specifically, my wife made some purchases on Black Friday, that were intended as Christmas presents for myself using our joint credit card. This was an IN-STORE purchase, not an online purchase, but apparently you think that just because the same card was used that is linked to my Home Depot account, you have the right to e-mail me to request reviews for the products purchased in store. Well, that e-mail contained the exact products purchased, and the Christmas surprise is ruined. I hope you’re happy that your quest for “data” and “market research” has managed to ruin at least one Christmas surprise.

Grinched out of Christmas “


~ by chriggy on December 6, 2011.

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