Mears Transportation Company Taxi Drivers do not honor metered rates and refuse service if you don’t give in to their extortion

This cab driver price gouges.

This cab driver price gouges.

Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but it’s time for another rant.

So, after what was already a long day, my wife and I decided to drive down to Downtown Disney. We parked at one end, and during the course of the evening, wound up walking all the way to the other end (trust me, this is quite a long walk and our legs were feeling like jello about now). We were hoping to catch the ferry back to where we started, but it was midnight and the ferry stopped running at 11. At this point we’re looking over the lake and realized what a trek we had back. But at least we’re right by the bus depot and those are still running, so we spot a Disney employee and ask which bus to take back there. This very kind and helpful employee informs that there is no bus that stops there, but she’s getting off duty and will show us a shortcut. She also tells us that it’s about a 25 minute walk, but if we want to cab it, there’s a stand where the taxis line up, and it should be about a $5 ride. Hell yeah, we’re just gonna cab it then. So we get to the nearby cab stand and let the mayhem begin.

Cab driver immediately walks up and asks if we need a ride. Yup, so we get in the cab. He asks us where we want to go, and we tell him the parking lot about a mile down the road. Now he says that that’s going to be $10. I’m pretty much like “fuck that, how about you give me the advertised metered rate”. Ok, so I actually asked a lot nicer than that, but the gist is that I’m not going to pay his asked fee and instead want the required by law metered rate. He refuses, and tells us the cab behind him will do it for the metered rate. We walk to the cab behind him, and nope, pretty much get the same answer. They don’t want to take a short fare cause they will have to queue back at the end of the line (the “line” was a whole whopping 3 cabs). Third cab (different company), says the same thing. At this point I’m getting pretty annoyed. I just want a fucking cab to take me.

So at this point I walk back to the what is now the first cab in the line, and after getting the same response flat out tell him that refusal of service is illegal and he is in violation of the law and needs to honor the posted metered rates. It was kind of a bluff as I wasn’t 100% sure, but after looking it up, yes, in Kissimmee, it is indeed a violation of the law to refuse service unless you are a known troublemaker. He gets all verbally aggressive with me and accuses me of being a racist and why I have a problem with him. Umm, hello? Where did that come from? I quickly pointed out that I have no issues with his race, merely the illegal price gouging he is engaging in. Anyways, service still refused. Fine, time to bust out the camera, start collecting evidence. Walked around to the back of the car took picture of license plate and cab number. Now he’s pretty much like why did you just take a picture of my a cab. I informed him that he was in violation of the law, and I was documenting it, and will forward it to the proper authorities. Which actually resulted in “Are you threatening me?”. At this point I pretty much knew I was right about my bluff, and that it was no longer a bluff. I kindly informed him that no, I am not threatening him, but he is in violation of the law and I am documenting it. He still refused my service, and pretty quickly got in is cab and booked it out of there. I guess no fare was better for him than a fare at the regular metered rate. Asshole! And yes, it was a Mears Transportation company taxi. The very one featured in this picture.

Ok, let’s move on. I’m already seeing what’s going on here. So next cab. Boom, picture. Cabby comes running and is pretty much like “Why the fuck are you taking a picture of my license plate”. Ok, he may not have sworn, but his intent was the same. Then he demands I immediately delete the picture from my phone. Let’s just say his tone of voice was not nice. Yeah buddy, that ain’t gonna happen. I explain to him why, and that what him and his cab company are doing is not legal, and that’s why I’m taking the picture. At this point he becomes all nice and, fine, he’ll take us for the metered rate. When I explained to him during the car ride that my beef was not with him but the company, he said the other drivers were fake taxis. Umm, sorry buddy, ain’t buying that BS either. You all work for the same company. Mears Transportation Company. Though due to his change in demeanor I did actually wind up giving him a tip for the ride. And I wasn’t actually 100% sure that he himself had actually refused us earlier. But yeah, at least 5 cabs by the same company had, but not that many cabs had cycled though there. One guy even had the gall to tell me “Well, you’re young, why don’t you just walk?” Well, I also have back problems, so fuck you, buddy!

My point is that certain cab drivers employed by Mears Transportation Company take advantage of tourists and try to price gouge in complete violation of local laws. This time you fucked with the wrong tourist. And in hindsight, I regret not having gone straight to video as opposed to the camera.

BTW, the metered rate wound up being $5.40, almost half the price they were trying to gouge me for.

Disclaimer: I cannot say that Mears Transportation Company condones or is aware of these behaviors(until I contact corporate and the local licensing authorities tomorrow), only that this was the behavior exhibited by the majority of the cab drivers employed by them waiting for a fare at Downtown Disney. The cab pictured definitely did refuse me service. And yes, his for hire light was on.


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One Response to “Mears Transportation Company Taxi Drivers do not honor metered rates and refuse service if you don’t give in to their extortion”

  1. You have to complain to Disney. They are the ones that have an exclusive contract with Mears. Disney says, only Mears cabs can work the taxi stand. All other companies can only pickup on calls only.

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